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Dr. Ghazanfar Ali

Dr. Ghazanfar Ali is world renowned and well-published dermatologist. He has trained and worked in the best University hospitals in the United Kingdom. He is currently actively working as consultant dermatologist in UK. He is currently the only UK trained dermatologist working in Pakistan with CCT (certificate of completion of training) in Dermatology. CCT is considered by the General medical council of UK(GMC) to be the highest in the field of dermatology enabling a doctor to work as a full-time consultant. His illustrious career includes working as a consultant in some of the prestigious dermatology departments in UK.

There is a lot that makes him the top dermatologist and best skin specialist in Islamabad. He is always welcoming  and charming doctor, will listen to your complaints and answer all your questions. He adheres to strict medial ethics and you will not feel pressurised to have a skin procedure unless you need one. This quality makes him attract most of expat and diplomatic community in Islamabad and makes him best skin specialist in Islamabad. His clinic is recognised for provision of skin and medical facilities by western embassies. 



If you are not living in Islamabad or don’t have time to travel from a remote area but would like to have consultation with an internationally renowned dermatologist then you don’t need to worry. Teledermatology or Skype dermatology will help you resolve your skin problem with a push of a few buttons. This type of consultation is new trend in the field of dermatology and Dr  Ghazanfar Ali is introducing this trend for the first time in Pakistan.


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Top Dermatologist in Islamabad

Skin care includes a range of practices to maintain skin integrity. Appropriate use of emollients, avoiding excessive sunlight, regular use of sunblock and taking the right nutrition are the most common factors for better skin care. Dr Ghazanfar Ali, who is considered to be the best dermatologist in Islamabad offers a variety of skin care services. If you are looking for the top dermatologist in Islamabad to take care of your skin problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

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You are never too old to become younger. Stop worrying about your skin problems. Start solving them. Dr. Ghazanfar Ali is the top skin specialist in Islamabad having an experience of working in renowned hospitals in the UK. He has the medical acumen to deal with multiple skin problems but also the knowledge of daily practices that can help you manage your skin integrity. He is a regular speaker in international conferences. His practice is based on adherence to strict medical ethics, evidence based and patient centered.