Pityriasis versiclor
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Dear Readers I see a lot of patients presenting with pigmentation on the chest, back and armpits. This is in most cases caused by yeast infection. There is slight flaking of skin with dark and pale colours intermixed. This is a disease of warm and moist weather. It can sometime clear in cooler months but
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Dr. Ghazanfar Ali is world renowned and well-published dermatologist in islamabad Pakistan. He has trained and worked in the best University hospitals in the United Kingdom. He is currently actively working in National health service in the UK. He is currently the only UK trained dermatologist working in Pakistan with CCT (certificate of completion of
hair loss treatment in islamabad
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Alopecia (Hair loss) Hair loss is one of the most common presentation in dermatology clinics. Its most prevalent condition after  age of 40 in men and after 50 in women. There are many different reasons for hair loss but most common cause of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia. It is genetic hair loss with influence
Eczema treatment in Islamabad
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    Skin allergy is a wide term and it includes a lot of different conditions. Most common skin allergy is contact allergy. A substance coming in contact with skin gives itching and different symptoms and signs. Most commonly skin with itch and becomes red and inflamed. There can be inaction on top of inflammation