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Dear Friends Just sharing good news with you all. I am offering a service called dermatologist near me…. Its skin specialist consultation on your laptop. Just in case you are busy and can’t make it to our office, or you live far away and would like to get a consult with a top dermatologist in
acne scars
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Acne Scars and its treatment How common is this problem? A very common problem which is encountered in our clinic very commonly. It’s a consequence of the neglect of acne and its treatment. Unfortunately, its treatment is a big challenge. We recommend consulting a professional dermatologist in the first instance for better management of acne
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Infantile haemangioma is non cancerous growth of blood vessels wall cells( endothelial cells). They start appearing after or during first month of life, continue to grow till sixth to ninth month of life and then starts to regress( involute) after nine month, in majority of cases. Most of these haemangiomas are non problematic and disappear
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Sunscreens This is a very common question being asked. Majority of patients are unaware of the correct amount of sunscreen required to give optimal results. I am writing these tips to help patients, and general public for using the correct sunscreen and to apply it correctly. When to use sunscreen Most people use sunscreen when
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Acne and its treatment Active acne has multiple treatments. However in terms of tablet treatment Isotretinoin which is artificial Vitamin A is proving to be the best treatment. It has emerged as one of the most effective treatment for active acne. However this drug does not help with acne scars. However due to its side
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Glutathione injection which are famous as skin whitening injection have become a major cosmetic procedure in Pakistan. It has gained its popularity after being used by a lot of media celebrities. It is marketed by different names in Pakistan. There are important question always asked by my patients and I wanted to share it with
Pityriasis versiclor
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Dear Readers I see a lot of patients presenting with pigmentation on the chest, back and armpits. This is in most cases caused by yeast infection. There is slight flaking of skin with dark and pale colours intermixed. This is a disease of warm and moist weather. It can sometime clear in cooler months but
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Dr. Ghazanfar Ali is world renowned and well-published dermatologist in islamabad Pakistan. He has trained and worked in the best University hospitals in the United Kingdom. He is currently actively working in National health service in the UK. He is currently the only UK trained dermatologist working in Pakistan with CCT (certificate of completion of
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Alopecia (Hair loss) Hair loss is one of the most common presentation in dermatology clinics. Its most prevalent condition after  age of 40 in men and after 50 in women. There are many different reasons for hair loss but most common cause of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia. It is genetic hair loss with influence
Eczema treatment in Islamabad
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    Skin allergy is a wide term and it includes a lot of different conditions. Most common skin allergy is contact allergy. A substance coming in contact with skin gives itching and different symptoms and signs. Most commonly skin with itch and becomes red and inflamed. There can be inaction on top of inflammation