Hair Transplant


Dr Ghazanfar Ali is trained in performing FUE hair transplant with the latest technique called FUE( follicular unit extraction). This is also called scar less surgery.
Dr Ghazanfar Ali has received training in hair transplant in Georgia and UK. He is trained with the best hair transplant Surgeons in the world(Dr Akaki Tsilosani Georgia and Dr Harris Haseeb in Notingham, UK)
In Islamabad Dermatology clinics we offer painless and scar less surgery with the latest and fully sterilised equipment. In majority of clinics in Pakistan hair restoration surgery is performed by hair technicians rather than properly qualified hair transplant surgeons who cannot deal with any complication after surgery. Please ask for qualifications of the doctor and also check sterilisation technique before contemplating for any surgery in the clinic.


FUT is the gold standard of hair restoration and only performed in very minority of the centres in Pakistan as not all surgeon are trained in this procedure due to technical demands. We are one of the proud centre in the country where we offer this procedure with the best results. Our equipment is always sterile and our operation theatre is the fully equipped.